22nd January 2015

EU Funding: Structural Funds & LEPs

This webinar explains the opportunities from the EU Structural & Investments Funds (i.e. ERDF, ESF and EAFRD) in England – it outlines the objectives of these programmes and the (complex) ways in which these funds will work in England, including the role of the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). This webinar runs for about 60 minutes.

21st January 2015

EU Funding: Horizon 2020

This EU programme which provides support for research & development across the EU. It has included support for information & communications technology developments, for a range of topics under the heading of “reflective societies: cultural heritage & European identities”, and also support for SMEs, including those in the creative industries. This webinar runs for about 60 minutes.

20th January 2015

EU Funding: Erasmus+

This EU programme is focused on education, training, young people (aged 13-30) and sport – with education & training including students and staff in higher education, vocational training and adult education, and staff in schools. It provides support for projects (known as “strategic partnerships” and mobility (small grants for individuals to undertake a visit or participate in an exchange) – and it is also possible to create projects via an application for a group of mobility grants. Applications are made to the Contact Point in your own member state – which is easier than applying to the EC centrally. This webinar runs for about 60 minutes.

19th January 2015

EU Funding: Europe for Citizens

This EU programme aims to promote Europe’s shared history and values, and to foster a sense of ownership for how the EU develops. It does this through support for mobility activities undertaken by town twinning associations or by networks of towns across Europe, and support for projects which focus on the broad themes of the programme. Applications to this programme are relatively straightforward, compared to many other EU programmes. This webinar runs for about 60 minutes.

16th January 2015

EU Funding: Creative Europe: Culture

This EU programme is aimed specifically at all aspects of the arts & culture sector – it provides support for small projects (3+ partners from across Europe), big projects (6+ partners), literary translation, pan-European “platforms” to support emerging artists in a particular artform and pan-European cultural networks. This webinar runs for about 60 minutes.

12th January 2015

EU Funding: Overview

This webinar provides an overview of EU funding relevant to the arts, culture, heritage and creative industries. It provides some background and contextual information, and then provides a summary of the Structural Funds (including Interreg), the External Actions (which provide some support for work with countries outside the EU) and the various trans-national funds – Creative Europe: Culture, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Horizon 2020, etc. This webinar runs for about 90 minutes.